Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ok I realize I've been slacking here. Things have been nuts for me lately! Batman and I broke up. And no, I never got to see the batcave. That's a huge reason I was over it. He didn't let me into his life as much as I was letting him in mine and I began to feel cheated over the effort. He had issues with me as well, anyone dating a single mom who tells her flat out "I don't want to raise someone else's kids" is just way too full of himself. I'm pretty sure no one asked him to raise anyone! They have a daddy. And more important, they have me. And he wasn't good enough to even know them. So it was just all for the best. Plus he wanted to do the whole marriage and family thing for himself for the first time and I'm just not the girl for that. I would definately get married again, but I don't want to have more babies... this is becoming a big deal in the dating world I see. Plus there was a girl he can't get over, so he's back trying that out again, best of luck to ya brother. He needs to experience his life on his own for the first time. He's way to selfish to be with someone who has been down that road and back again. I, on the other hand, am getting over it nicely (he made it easy to do that since he became a jerk).

Ryan started his therapies, it's all going well so far! He's talking SO much more. He's saying cool new words every day, like Shoes (this morning!) and Ella (yesterday, a girl in his class). It's so awesome!

Andrew is being really grown up all of a sudden. He's getting the worse attitude but also can still be so sweet! Ah the joys of being 4.

Other than that nothing else is going on. Lots of life changes and learning from mistakes. That's what we do right?