Friday, November 7, 2008

Countdown Begins

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I think I want to...

Time for major updates

I was looking thru my friend's blogs and realized I keep meaning to get on here and write, and then I feel like I have nothing super fab to write about. So here's our boring little update!

Andrew.... Andrew is definately growing into a boy. He stopped tap, because they stopped offering it, and is in yoga instead. Now, no offense to anyone, but we are not "yoga" people. And 5 year olds are not "yoga" people. Not sure Andrew would even stand for any "wooosaaaa" in his life. But that's what they offer, and it's already been paid, so until Christmas, we're gettin' our Namastad on. He's altogether doing very well. Bright and smart as a whip, caring and sweet, precocious and funny. He's also a back talker, smart mouth and whiner. Ah well, you can't win them all.

Ryan.... Ryan started the fall season with an explosion. He's talking more and more, he's gaining more control over his movements and motor skills. He's working hard in that brain of his I can tell. He's awesome at school and often doesn't want to leave. He really enjoys playing outside on bikes. We started the next step in his therapies for when he turns 3. He'll be evaluated sometime between now and March (seriously) for what he qualifies for. My guess is that he'll be in 1/2 day programs thru the school system for speech, development and OT. I would love for him to catch up by kindergarden and speech is the key to that I think. He's a tough cookie, but he's also so damn sweet he'll give you a cavity.
Me.... I've been working like crazy. It's just such a wreck there right now that I can't even breathe half the time. I'm praying for Paula, our manager, to get better as right now she's really ill with her first pregnancy. I'm also hoping our new girl starts soon because I can't take the brunt of the entire office much longer. I miss my friends, it seems most of my girlfriends have such consuming lives that we miss each other often. I feel the need for a daddy trip, but I can't make one. I am nervous about Christmas. I am learning about myself if so many ways, even still. more still actually. I still get the drowining feeling, but it's better. I still get anxiety, but that's better too. I still see Annie, and that's great. All in all, it's going okay. These days if we make it thru in one piece then it's okay! I know I should write about my loooooooove life, but it's kinda just doing it's own thing these days and there's nothing to really write about.

Halloween went off without a hitch. It was awesome!!!!! So much fun! Here's pics!