Friday, March 19, 2010

My son Ryan

My son claps and cheers every time I turn on the lights, at least someone is happy I pay the bills!!

My son poops in the tub to remind me when it's time to bleach

My son acts like it's the first time seeing things sometimes, which makes me remember to be excited about seeing them too

My son throws food on the floor to remind me to vacuum

My son escapes from the house, to remind me to lock our doors

My son loves carousels, which gives me a reason to go to the mall

My son is still okay with the answer "we'll do that tomorrow", which gives me another day to dodge

My son doesn't know the difference between Christmas and Tuesday, which saves me money!

My son likes to wear a helmet, which keeps him safe. Even on the sofa.

My son laughs and smiles and jumps for joy at the mention of bath time... which reminds me to check his pull up.

My son carries a blanket, which I love for no reason at all.


Tired Mom of Six said...

You're a good Mama...and there is a reason God chose you to be Ryan's. :))) xoxo